Profile zipper 5mm

Profile zipper 5mm And now we introduce our profile zipper. The professional plastic has larger staples and is therefore very robust. It is great for making larger bags or backpacks, and is also often sewn in combination with fleece and thicker materials. It can also be quite modern in use on smaller sewing projects and develop a special look. With the silver staples on blue or black band and the silver lacquered sliders, this version looks classy and fully trendy.  Read more >

Roll-top backpack is on vacation

Roll-top backpack is on vacation It's never too early to plan your vacation. We have sewn one of these trendy and practical roll-top backpacks. For the lower bag we used a spiral zipper 3mm and for the backpack opening a different colored spiral zipper 5mm. The color difference of the zipper additionally loosens the simple cut of the backpack. With the carabiners, the D-rings and the black webbing made of cotton, sewn with white yarn for the sake of contrast, this backpack can be quickly sewed. And if he has finished for the beach, he [...]  Read more >

Do you smell the salty sea air?

Do you smell the salty sea air? In early summer, stripes, waves, steering wheels and anchors are popular motifs. Also fish, whales, gulls, lighthouses and of course the beloved sailboat are highly topical. Traditionally, the colors blue, white, natural and red should not be missing. A simple striped piping, a drawstring or a ribbon with maritime motifs make us dream. We long for light and brightness. The air tastes salty, the sun is shining and the sea lures ... Ship ahoy! Änderung vorschlagen [...]  Read more >

More courage to chic!

More courage to chic! The special cut and the slightly different material have encouraged us to use in this bag gold-colored metal parts with gold-colored zipper. It was an attempt and we think he succeeded. So this bag has really become a gem. The zipper in metal look is very fashionable, in the large opening much of it was sewn. Zipper, rings, carabiners, regulators ... the whole bag accessory sparkles and flashes. A nice bag and a trendy and precious piece at the same time. What does woman want more? Of course, you could us [...]  Read more >

Brown bears - a boho bag

Brown bears - a boho bag What would Indians be without fringe ... especially Indian bears? lThis laminated fabric bag is boho-style. Fringes and woven ribbon are sewn together here, a nice detail. But also individually, the woven band is an eye-catcher. For example, it fits perfectly with the gray polypropylene webbing. The processed pistachio-colored leatherette piping reinforces the style and sets a distinctive accent. Not only cute, but original and very individual is this little bag with the Indian bears. In the beginning is [...]  Read more >

Polar Bears - a retro bag with leatherette piping

Polar Bears - a retro bag with leatherette piping Polar bears are not only on the ice floe or in the zoo. We found ours on a Japanese fabric and made a nice retro bag. With its adornment by leatherette piping, with the red webbing made of cotton and the matching metal accessories, this bag is really chic. A few ingredients that complement well a nice cotton fabric and it's done: My bag! The metal accessories we now have in our assortment make the sewing of bags of all kinds in a great variety of shapes and styles a wonderful pleasure.  Read more >
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