Zauberhafte Box Bag

Zauberhafte Box Bag Es ist ein kleiner Gegenstand mit großer Wirkung unsere Box Bag aus Kunstleder. Lieferbar als Nähset sie ist im Nu genäht. Die Materialien sind absolut hochwertig und das Kunstleder ist von der Optik fabelhaft.  Aber nicht nur die Hatik des Materials macht von dieser Box Bag eine schöne Schatzhülle.  Mehr >

Das Volant - ein verspieltes Eyecatcher

Das Volant - ein verspieltes Eyecatcher Flounces have been around for centuries, but jersey floats are new! Made of woven fabric, this flowing ruffle shape is rediscovered today and is making an enormous comeback. Made of knitted fabric or jersey, it is at least as pleasing. Our jersey volant ribbons can look elegant, playful or just cool. Whether blouse, dress, scarf, jacket or even socks, the Volantband finds its use everywhere! It can easily be attached to a variety of clothing items such as the sleeves, shoulders, or at the bottom hem easily [...]  Mehr >

Bias Bindings With Stars

Bias Bindings With Stars They are pretty, very pretty. To border children's sewing objects, these bias bindings are great!  Mehr >

Getting ready for the holidays!

Getting ready for the holidays! It is vacation time and we needed a travel bag. With a bit thicker fabric, a little wider webbing and matching metal parts, a little bit stronger zipper, and four big bottom feet, we sewed this beautifully crafted and spacious travel bag. In addition, the small cosmetic bag was sewn. It is really chic with its colored zipper and the dotted bias tape on the slider, which also reminds of the fabric used. Everything fits, the holiday can come!  Mehr >

Profile zipper 5mm

Profile zipper 5mm And now we introduce our profile zipper. The professional plastic has larger staples and is therefore very robust. It is great for making larger bags or backpacks, and is also often sewn in combination with fleece and thicker materials. It can also be quite modern in use on smaller sewing projects and develop a special look. With the silver staples on blue or black band and the silver lacquered sliders, this version looks classy and fully trendy.  Mehr >
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